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LAST UPDATE:3/29/2020
CQM 20200327 CQM 20200327

At present, economic growth rates for 2020Q1 are quite different, as Wuhan coronavirus affects the financial market, the expenditure side and the income side differently. PCA forecasts economic growth in 2020Q1 to be 0.71% while CQM forecasts that to be 1.04% on the expenditure side and that to be 2.56% on the income side. Wuhan Coronavirus has not yet had an impact on the income side, as personal income grew by a significant 0.6% in February, the same as in January. But, the three economic growth rates will converge to a certain range by updating March economic indicators. The volatilities in March economic indicators are beyond imagination. In these economic situation CQM/PCA work very well.

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