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LAST UPDATE:5/22/2020
CQM 20200522 CQM 20200522

This week's CQM has updated April retail sales (-16.4%) and industrial production index (-11.2%) released on May 15. CQM forecasts the economic growth rate (2020Q2) to be -58% on the expenditure side and -46% on the income side. The main reasons for this economic plunge are large drops respectively in personal consumption expenditure on the expenditure side and corporate profits on the income side. PCA forecasts an economic growth rate of -33%, which was not somewhat worse than CQM, due to the recovery of the financial market. Economists seem to predict the temperature in the freezer (-30 ° C to -60 ° C) rather than the economic growth rate. Propagation of bacteria can be suppressed at this temperature. I wish Wuhan Coronavirus would die below the economic growth of -30%. - Many people are in a difficult situation as if they were in the freezer.

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