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ECONOMY (ITeconomy) and Subscription Fees

Through registered membership, ITeconomy Advisors, LLC (ITe) provides
comprehensive coverage of the economy.

I. ITe Membership

II. Customized Consultations and Econometrics Model Building

III. Private Lectures by our Speakers

I. ITe MEMBERSHIP includes:

* CQM Report Every Week

ITeconomy Advisors LLC (ITe) forecasts the U.S. economy weekly using the Current Quarter Model (CQM) [See CQM_Theory.pdf for more details]. Every Monday ITe publishes CQM Report based on the CQM forecast incorporating updated economic monthly indicators released during the previous week.
The views expressed in the CQM report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ITE economists.

* CQM Forecasts of National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) Tables

ITe shows the CQM forecasts of major components in NIPA expenditure and income sides every week. All monthly economic indicators used for the weekly CQM forecasts are attached to these NIPA tables..

* Complete Library of Prior Forecasts

Past CQM performances of real GDP and other aggregates forecasts as well as inflation forecasts can be found in this website. Also, the changes in every week’s CQM forecasts for the current and next quarter’s real GDP, other aggregates and inflation forecasts are available in graph forms. These graphs contain useful information about which direction the U.S. economy is moving forward.

* CQM Economic Calendar

Each month our economic calendar presents the release dates of economic indicators. The calendar has a number of user friendly features, including hotlinks to shortcuts to CQM reports and original economic indicator releases.

Subscription fee for one ID is $50 for one month, $600 for a 12 month period.

Please contact support@iteconomy.com for the payment method.


ITe acts as consultants to companies and governments not only for information on the IT economy, but also for analysis of macro economy in general. Our analyses are customized to address the specific needs of individual companies and governments, and can help answer questions related to every facet of the economy. Our methods employ econometrics model building as well as other form of quantitative analysis. ITe has the advantage of having strong experience with empirical work.

Please contact Dr. Yuzo Kumasaka at kumasaka@iteconomy.com for more information.


ITe’s world-renowned economists and forecasters are available to speak at conferences and individual events. Well-versed in all things economic, our expert staff can address any aspect of the market and the economy and they have the research skills, savvy, and academic credentials to customize presentations that answer any questions you and your company may have. Please contact Dr. Yuzo Kumasaka at kumasaka@iteconomy.com for more information. Fees for both private lectures and customized consultation are determined on an individual basis.